Topaz Capital group LLC

A Fully Integrated Real Estate Private Debt and Equity Firm

Our Mission

Our mission is to reliably provide value to our partners by acquiring and profitably managing financially sound real estate properties and debt with hidden value.

Since its inception, TOPAZ has built a fully integrated real estate private equity firm.



The TOPAZ portfolio spans primarily throughout New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Florida. TOPAZ oversees over 750,000 square feet of property and manages a myriad of retail and multi-family residential properties.

TOPAZ’s expertise in multiple-asset classes, debt and equity gives us the ability to understand and unlock value on both ends of mixed-use projects and provide a major competitive edge in the market.

The controlling managing members have over 20 years of experience in the real estate and finance sector in the United States.

The Company has proven experience in the speedy turnaround and repositioning of its various properties, whether by reducing operating costs, converting/deconverting the buildings legal status, improving and renovating the properties, and increasing rental income.

TOPAZ’s activities are based on the integration of investment capital from a wide community of passive investors with operational control and ongoing management of the properties handled by its savvy, qualified team of real estate professionals.

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Capital Markets Advisory


Asset Management

“Topaz Capital Group is an industry-leading real estate investment firm with the ability and agility to expertly execute transactions in various, diverse U.S. real estate markets.”

– Micheal Daniels, COO Cagan Management

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